Work 1 on 1 with me in my 

"Virtual Vaginal Fitness Salon"

I'll begin seeing a new round of clients in March! Let's first introduce ourselves to each other through a free vaginal fitness discovery call so we can determine if this is the right fit. I want to know what your struggles are and what your vaginal fitness and pelvic health goals are! If I can help you, we'll get you scheduled to work with me. If I don't think I'm the best person to help you, I'll direct you elsewhere so you are not wasting your time and resources.

Currently, I'll be prioritizing: vaginismus, vulvodynia, sexual pain, urinary urge incontinence (urinary leakage on the way to the bathroom or when you have to urinate urgently), stress incontinence (leakage with sneezing, coughing, jumping, etc), urinary frequency, constipation, and anorgasmia (inability to orgasm). In this free discovery call, I'll recommend which package I think is best to help you achieve the goals you have. Each week, I have just 10 hours for consultations so be sure to schedule your free discovery call today if you're interested before I am booked out. 


1.  Ready to put yourself first and prioritize your vaginal fitness.

2. Able financially to work with me (payment plans available so you don't have to pay at once)

3. Able to invest the time and energy to work with me on a consistent basis and do homework outside of our time together. 

My cash pay/out of pocket pricing and structure is as follows:

  • Packet #1 Work with me for 1 month, 30 mins weekly x 4 = $1,000
  • Packet #2 Work with me for 2 months, 30 mins weekly x 8 = $2,000
  • Packet #3 Work with me for 1 month, 60 mins weekly x 4 = $2,000
  • Packet #4 Work with me for 2 months, 60 mins weekly x 8 = $4,000
  • Packet #5 *Retainer package* work with me on a revolving monthly basis at $1700 per month for 60 minutes each week. Payment will come out automatically monthly with a minimum commitment of 3 months.


    If you experience bladder leaks when you sneeze or cough, this is a sign you have stress incontinence. Stress incontinence is all about improving the way your pelvic floor handles pressure. If you know you experience leakage that bothers you, has you in pads you don’t want to wear, leads to embarrassment and insecurities, and you know you need actual help for your pelvic floor and not just hacks, then you can sign up here to work with me 1 on 1 so we can do this together! Or, you can start by downloading the image below to start incorporating this easy hack to aid you in staying dry or drier with sneezing and coughing! Our posture should be upright, fancy, and boujee! This includes when you cough and sneeze! Sit, stand and sneeze like a royal. 


    This 1 simple upper body postural change accomplishes 3 things:

    1. It limits pressure on your bladder by elongating your spine.
    2. It gets your upper body in spinal neutral so your diaphragm is in it’s optimal position.
    3. It re-distributes the forces so your upper body takes more of the load which relieves your pelvic floor from doing all the work.