Virtual Vaginal Masterclass 

 30 minute Q&A 

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C3= Clitoral blood flow, cervical mucus, and your pelvic canister
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Masterclass topic & summary

1 hour of lecture and 1 hour of an active vag lab+Q&A. You'll learn, see, and understand content I can't post online due to the censorship of sexual and vaginal health. During this class, you'll get pictures, videos, content and demos from myself that I have never shared on social media platforms. You'll need internet access, a yoga mat, and some of thatcher big vulva energy! Only $54.99 for this 2 hour live masterclass with 30 min Q&A!

Enhancing CLITORAL BLOOD FLOW, Increasing CERVICAL MUCUS AWARENESS, and Expanding your Pelvic Canister to decrease pelvic pain. The itinerary is as follows:

15:04 class begins

19:10 Clitoral anatomy/function

26:00 what the clitoris depends on

28:45 pathway of the pudendal nerve

30:00 clitoral vaginal reflex

32:00 non aroused clitoris vs aroused clitoris

32:30 visualizing the clitoral vaginal reflex

33:30-clitoral nodding

34:54 clitoral attachment points

35:56-clitoral erections & pelvic floor support

37:00 clitoral atrophy

37:58 waking up your clitoris

38:35-how to do a clitoral assessment

39:50 Cervical Mucus intro

41:28 rising estrogen and cervical mucus

42:20 cervical crypts and sperm hosting

44:16 cervical mucus characteristics

45:32 types of cervical mucus

46:15 spotting the fertile window

46:30 fertility awareness method educator promotion

48:15 what is cervical mucus signaling

49:40 peak cervical mucus

50:44 taking basal body temperature

53:11 three ways to check cervical mucus

53:57 spotting the thermal shift

54:30 spotting your infertile phase

55:29 enhancing cervical mucus

56:30 foods assisting with cervical mucus

57:37 barriers to cervical mucus

57:58 Your Pelvic Canister Intro

58:16 what the pelvic core is

59:24 the system of your pelvic core

59:58 what is intra abdominal pressure

1:01 00 common causes of diaphragm restriction

1:01 50 poor posture and pelvic floor dysfunction

1:02 40 common causes of pelvic floor restriction

1:03 30 weak hips/butts and PFM dysfunction

1:04 15 sexual trauma+anxiety and pelvic floor dysfunction

1:05: 15 lack of pelvic floor muscle awareness

1:05: 50 female sexual shame, poor education, and decreased medical understanding of the pelvic floor

1:06: 49 storing previous trauma in your pelvic floor

1:08: 10 common pelvic canister restrictions

1:08: 20 stop blaming the pelvic floor for everything

1:08: 50 restoring harmony in the pelvic floor

1:10:10 postures that decrease libido/pelvic floor mobility
Lecture ends-ACTIVE LAB

1:13 Clitoral function Active lab

1:33:50 Cervical mucus lab

1:46 Pelvic Canister and Pelvic Floor lab

2:10 Answering personal questions, live Q& A

2:10: 45 Next strength lab for prolapse, next masterclass for HPV and cervical disease awareness and lifestyle support


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