Vaginismus Treatment

We are pelvic floor physios specializing in sex positive & time efficient vaginismus care completely from home! Meet the Vagina Rehab Doctor team. We teach you how to see yourselves as whole, powerful, and capable first because we know that healing starts in the mind! We then show you the most efficient route to eradicating the shame, genito-pelvic pain, and pelvic floor tightness that's blocking you from achieving your goals of confidence in your body, pain free sex and deeper intimacy in your relationship!

In pink on the right, meet Dr. Janelle Howell, Founder and CEO of Vagina Rehab Doctor leading the training, education, and group coaching for vaginismus.  

In blue on the left, meet Dr. Tina Mapa, Lead Vaginal Fitness Consultant driving our 1 on 1 coaching here at Vagina Rehab Doctor. 

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