Basic 2 Bomb Sex 

Pleasure Masterclass (B2B)

Learn pelvic positioning & sex positions that increase arousal and clitoral stimulation

Master pleasure mapping & finding the clitoral & vaginal pleasure zones to unleash lubrication, heightened pleasure, & stronger orgasms

Learn specific strategies for upgrading your foreplay skills for better clitoral and vaginal engorgement

Understand how to practice asserting your sexual needs by using probing questions & statements to prioritize your pleasure so that YOU CUM FIRST

What is the goal of this masterclass?

I'm so glad you asked! The learning objective is for you to understand HOW and WHAT to do in order to have bomb sex that can make you shout, shake, and squirt! It's a pleasure explosion masterclass!

Is this masterclass for me?

  • If you are thinking that this class is not for you because you are not in a relationship, then consider the fact that sex education is for everyone. 
  • If you have never learned much about your sexuality or pleasure and struggle with sexual shame, this is a great time to start gaining more knowledge on simply understanding how your body, your pelvis, and your sexual organs work!
  • If you are looking to be in a relationship and want to go in with as many tools as possible to ensure you're empowered to prioritize your own pleasure-this masterclass is for you!
  • And if you are already sexually active but don't feel like you're living your best sex life, don't enjoy sex, struggle with orgasms, or simply don't know how to enhance your pleasure-then this is DEFINITELY for you! Let's upgrade you from having basic sex to experiencing BOMB sex you love and can't get enough of!