WOC PFPT Directory

Use this growing directory if you are looking for a pelvic floor physical therapist near you! While you can always your primary care doctor to refer you to a trusted pelvic physical therapist, sometimes that route is difficult and you don't know who are what quality of a therapist you'll be getting. These are all pelvic floor physical therapist that I recommend if you would like to either work with one in person or seek out any other services they can help you with. This specific directory is dedicated to women of color in the field of pelvic physical therapy because there is poor representation and support for black and brown physical therapist who are experienced, empathetic, and effective at what they do. This directory was made to try and shorten the gap of mis-representation among pelvic floor physical therapist and send more patients to the minority professionals. If you find a therapist who looks like a match, reach out to them and tell them that the "vagina rehab doctor" sent you. Browse and book!

If you are a WOC PT who treats pelvic floor or if you know of one, please don't hesitate to share this page, the button below links to our form so that we can add more professionals to our directory!



 Adrienne Montgomery, PT, DPT  

Dr. Adrienne is from Columbiana, AL. She earned her Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Alabama State University in 2016. After five years in outpatient orthopedics and acute care settings, Adrienne began specializing in Women's Health in 2021. She currently practices in Birmingham, AL with a strong emphasis on pelvic floor disorders and orthopedic conditions. Outside of the clinic, Adrienne enjoys traveling, trapeze yoga and kickboxing.

Certifications: B.S. Kinesiology, Doctor of Physical Therapy, Cert. DN

Email: Adrienne.montgomery@ATIpt.com  

Phone: 205-508-2277


Los Angeles

Tasha Darden, PT, DPT 

Dr. Tasha Darden was born and raised in Long Beach, CA and currently resides in Los Angeles . She received her Doctorate in Physical Therapy from the University of Southern California in 2011. She has been a PT for over a decade and working in Pelvic Heath for 5 years. Tasha is also an experienced Birth & Postpartum Doula. She is passionate about community care and created a program called Reclaim Postpartum in May of 2021. This program assists Black families in Los Angeles in postpartum by providing health education, meals, supplies, funds, access to free resources such as: lactation/feeding support, physical & occupational therapy, mental health etc. Dr. Tasha uses a holistic approach to wellness with clients and focuses on helping them shift from survival mode to thriving in all phases of their lives. She enjoys traveling, photography, dancing, live music and creating herbal tea blends.

Certifications:  PT, DPT, Birth & Postpartum Doula 

Email: thephysiodoula@gmail.com

Los Angeles

Sydney Curls PT, DPT 

Dr. Sydney Curls, PT, DPT is originally from St. Louis, MO. She earned her B.S. in Exercise Science from the University of Kansas and her Doctorate in Physical Therapy from the University of Kansas Medical Center. It was during her time at KUMC that she discovered the Women's Health specialty and determined that it would be the career path she would take. Upon graduation in 2019, she moved to Los Angeles to start her career in pelvic floor care and completed advanced training to expand her knowledge and skillset. She currently serves people of all ages by helping them learn their bodies, move better, and achieve their goals through in-person and virtual physical therapy, 1:1 classes, and community education.

Certifications: DPT 

Email: sydneycurlsdpt@gmail.com

Phone: 3145982238


Anietie Ukpe-Wallace PT, DPT 

Anietie Ukpe-Wallace is a native of Oakland, California. Dr. Ukpe-Wallace graduated from University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences in 2019 with her Doctorate of Physical Therapy. She has treated pelvic floor for the last 2.5 years. Her favorite diagnoses to treat are mechanical infertility and pregnancy loss. Outside of treating pelvic floor, Anietie is an amateur pole and aerial artist.

Certifications: DPT 

Email:  tia@selfcarephysio.com

Phone: 9144007681


Colorado Springs

Rebeca Segraves PT, DPT  

Dr. Segraves was born and raised in Somerset, NJ. She earned her Doctor of Physical Therapy degree at Western Carolina University in 2015. She completed residency training in Women's Health Physical Therapy at Duke University in 2016 and became Board-Certified as a Women's Health Clinical Specialist in 2017. She is passionate about early recovery after birth and surgery and provides pelvic health and post-surgical therapy in the hospital and at home. She is the founder of Enhanced Recovery After Delivery™, an obstetrics clinical pathway that maximizes pregnancy and postpartum outcomes with occupational and physical therapy before and immediately after birth. Her vision is that every person will have access to an obstetric rehab therapist during pregnancy and within the first 6 weeks after birth, regardless of their location or ability to pay. In her spare time, she embraces time with her family, hiking, mountain biking, and indoor rock climbing.

Certifications: PT, DPT, WCS

Email: info@enhancedrecoverywellness.com

Phone: 719-203-2795


West Hartford 

Leticia S. Jacquet PT, DPT

Dr. Leticia Jacquet is a native of New York and received her Masters in Physical Therapy in 2007 from Hunter College in NY, NY. She went on to receive her Doctorate from Stony Brook University in Long Island, NY. Dr. Jacquet started Little Antz LLC Physical Therapy in 2019 to meet the growing need for therapeutic services for prenatal and postpartum moms and children. She has 17 years experience working with children in a variety of settings. It was after the birth of her first child where she experienced her own postpartum issues that she developed a passion in the area of pelvic floor related conditions; she has been treating these conditions for the past 5 years. When she is not working, she enjoys a variety of sports including Capoeira, running, hiking, kayaking, camping, and traveling with her husband and two daughters. Hobbies include crafting and sewing. Fun Fact: Leticia graduated from the High School of Fashion Industries. 

Certifications: MSPT, DPT Certifications: CPPC, CEIM

Email: ljacquet.dpt@littleantz.com

Phone: 8602519754


Kat Castro PT, DPT

Kat is an integrative, holistic physical therapist based out of Fairfield County, CT. She is a Central NJ native and graduated from New York University with her DPT in 2017. She has been treating pelvic health patients for about 5 years and specializes in pre/postnatal support and recovery. She is passionate about supporting women through their motherhood journey from preconception to postpartum with bodywork, embodiment and movement training. Her hobbies include traveling, writing and trying all the recipes in NY Times Cooking.

Certifications: PT, DPT

Email: kat@physioelementsny.com

 Phone: 203-485-1435



Alexandria Hill PT, DPT

Dr. Alexandra Hill graduated from the University of Florida Doctor of Physical Therapy Program in 2014 and went on to complete the Women's Health Residency at Duke University. She has been a practicing therapist for 8 years, and has specialized in assessment and treatment of pelvic health and oncology conditions for the entirety of her career. She further specializes in pelvic cancers as well as gendered health including women's, men's, and transgender health. In her free time, she enjoys hiking and traveling.

Certifications: PT, DPT, ONCS, WCS, CLT-LANA

Email: alexandra.hill@jax.ufl.edu

Phone: 904-427-8900


JaAsha Peña PT, DPT

Dr. JaAsha Peña was born in Lawton, Oklahoma and graduated from Florida A&M University in 2018 with her Doctorate of Physical Therapy. Dr Peña has spent the last 4 years treating pelvic health and women's health. She especially enjoys treating the postpartum population. A fun fact about Dr. Peña? She sang background for Stevie Wonder at Rev. Joseph E Lowery's 90th birthday celebration.  

Certifications: Doctor of Physical Therapy, Women's Health Residency graduate, Postpartum doula  

Email: jaasha.pena@brooksrehab.org

Phone: 9047865576


Justine Roper PT, DPT 

Dr. Justine Roper PT, DPT is a certified pelvic floor PT & wellness coach. Dr. Roper is from Pensacola, FL and graduated from Howard University in 2016 with her DPT. From sexual dysfunction to pelvic pain, Dr. Roper has spent the past 6 years treating clients who are impacted by both physical and mental health issues. She is dedicated to offering alternative methods to heal her patients' of pain and dysfunction. Outside of the clinic, she is a speaker who promotes education and enlightenment on mental health disorders and the journey towards a life of freedom after sexual trauma or abuse. As a wellness coach, she offers dynamic classes with pelvic floor information to optimize her client's daily functional living. She is an instructor at the University of West Florida and the founder of InHer Physique Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy, Pensacola FL. Her clinic is the only clinic in the Florida Gulf Coast that offers pelvic floor physical therapy services to all genders and ages.

Certifications: Bachelors of Science in Health Education, CAPP-Pelvic Certified, DPT, Pelvic Floor Specialist

Email: drjustine@inherphysique.com

Phone: 8504830586

Port Orange

Charis Hamilton PT, DPT

Hi! I'm Charis Hamilton, PT, DPT. I am a Pelvic Health Physical Therapist specializing in women's health, specifically caring for pregnant and postpartum women. After earning my Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Ithaca College in 2015, I moved to Port Orange, Florida from Orangeburg, New York to be with my husband. Shortly after, I was pregnant with my daughter and was able to stay active with minimal pain. It was after the birth of my daughter when I started experiencing pelvic floor dysfunctions which has led to my passion of women's pelvic health.
I founded MaternalFit Pelvic Physical Therapy after completing post- graduate training in women's health, pelvic health and pelvic floor therapy and becoming a certified Pregnancy and Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist. I am dedicated to caring for women with an active, holistic and whole- body approach customized to your specific individual needs. Whether it's treating aches and pains during pregnancy, to rehabbing the postpartum body for return to exercise or dealing with incontinence throughout any stage of your life, I am here to listen and help.

Certifications: PT, DPT, PCES

Email: charis.hamilton@maternalfitpelvicpt.com

Phone: 6899005073


Alison Zebron PT, DPT

My name is Dr. Alison Zebron and I am currently living in the Tampa Bay area in Florida. I went to PT school at Temple University in Philadelphia, PA and graduated in 2014. I have been a PT for 8 + years and specifically a pelvic floor PT since 2019. My favorite diagnosis to treat are C-section scars and urge incontinence. A fun hobby of mine is cooking baking plant-based foods that are helpful in healing during the postpartum season. 

Certifications: DPT, Birth and Postpartum doula, Plant based Nutrition coach, Pelvic Floor PT

Email: thebirthpt@gmail.com

Phone: 5163133494


Gabrielle Pasos

 I am a Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist on a mission to eliminate shame and guilt regarding pelvic floor dysfunction. I was born and raised in Orlando, FL and attended Andrews University where I graduated with my Doctor of Physical Therapy degree in 2017. I have been a Physical Therapist for 5 years now and have spent the past 2 years specializing in Pelvic Health. My favorite diagnosis to treat is Dyspareunia/Pain with Intimacy as I believe that sexuality is such an intimate yet integral part of our lives. Nothing brings me more joy than hearing the excitement in my clients' voices as they share their experience of pain free and pleasurable intimacy after our work together. I enjoy cooking, exercising, and going on long walks with my beloved husband! It would be my honor and privilege to work with you and guide you as we walk this journey together.

Certifications: PT, DPT

Email: gabi@rezalo.com

Phone: 407-949-7119



Juan Michelle Martin PT, DPT 

Dr. Juan Michelle Martin is a native of Barbados and owner of JMM Health Solutions in the Atlanta metro area. She received her PT education from the New York Institute of Technology in 2007. A clinician of 15 years, she treats adults and children but is passionate about maternal health and sexual health/ chronic pelvic pain. Dr. Martin is a mom of 3 and enjoys family time, sports (volleyball) and the outdoors.

Certifications: Doctor of Physical Therapy, Sex Counselor, Full Spectrum Doula

Email: info@jmmhealthsolutions.com

Phone: 770-790-1460


Christina Harris PT, DPT

Dr. Tina Harris is originally from South Florida and relocated to Atlanta, GA in 2003. She attended Medical college of Georgia and graduated from PT school in 2013. Dr. Tina began treating Pelvic Floor population with a focus on pregnancy, birth, and postpartum following receiving her doula certification in 2020. Outside of living her dream career, Dr. Tina loves a good laugh and a dance party - even a solo one.

Certifications: Doctor of Physical Therapy, Still Birth and Bereavement Doula

Email: competentmama@gmail.com

Phone: 404-576-8532


Jessica Thompson PT, DPT 

Dr. Jessica Thompson is a 2020 graduate of Mercer University's Doctor of Physical Therapy Program. A proud Mississippi native, she has worked in the Atlanta area for 2 years and is now a mobile pelvic physical therapist at her company, Generational Health Physical Therapy and Wellness LLC. She specializes in treating moms and aims to break down the barriers of finding childcare and time to get to the PT by offering home and virtual visits. Her goal is to teach clients how to prioritize themselves and leave a legacy of good health that their family will model and pass on for generations to come. She also helps build generational health through her maternal monitoring program, Operation M.I.S.T., where she detects problems between OB visits to combat the black maternal mortality crisis. In her free time, she co hosts the Operation M.I.S.T. and Core 4 Momentum Podcasts available on all major streaming platforms.

Certifications: Doctor of Physical Therapy

Email: Drjt.thepelvicpt@gmail.com

Phone: 662-647-4535


Shantae Williams PT, DPT 

Dr. Shantae Williams from Ypsilanti, Michigan. She graduated in 2006 with her Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Central Michigan University. She's been a pelvic health specialist for 13+ years and loves treating all pelvic related conditions but her specialty is sexual dysfunction and chronic pain conditions such as endometriosis. She is passionate about using a holistic approach to treat the whole person to help them show up as the best version of themselves. Dr. Shantae recently relocated from Chicago to the Atlanta area and enjoys exploring her new city, hiking, traveling, and spending time with loved ones.

 Certifications: Doctor of Physical Therapy

Email: swilliamsdpt@gmail.com

Phone: 770-709-5519


Brie Coleman PT, DPT 

Dr. Brie Coleman grew up in Homewood, IL., a small suburb outside Chicago, IL. She has always loved fitness and wellness as she started her career as a fitness instructor at 16 years old. She completed her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Entrepreneurial Science from Arizona State University in 2007. After working in the field for nearly 10 years, she discovered her interest for physical therapy and the power of pelvic health deciding to return to the classroom to achieve her Doctor of Physical Therapy Degree from Governors State University and has been a practicing PFPT since graduating in 2020. She is a passionate physical therapist treating pre and postpartum birthing individuals with a special interest in helping moms of multiples! In 2021, Dr. Brie launched her practice The Mobile Mommy PT as she personally experienced the need for home health PFPT following the birth of her twins. Despite her infectious joy for being a pelvic health provider, she loves to note that if she couldn't be a PT... She would be an interior designer!

 Certifications: Doctor of Physical Therapy 

Email: Drbrietmmpt@gmail.com

Phone: 7085744671



New Jersey
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