The 5 Best Exercises for Vaginismus


I've been helping people overcome lifelong and chronic vaginismus for years! Over the last year, I've transitioned into helping people overcome vaginismus from the comfort of their own home by offering remote 1 on 1 vaginal fitness coaching here

By using strategic exercises aimed at relaxing tight pelvic floor muscles and providing them with weekly support for pain management, dilation, and even confidence-I've seen so many people overcome vaginismus and step into pain free sex with their partners in as little as 3 sessions, but on average about 8 sessions. I believe anyone can overcome vaginismus when they have the right support system! Check out the top exercises I use here below to help my clients cancel vaginismus!

#1 The Pelvic Drop- Of all the exercises you want to master, it's this one! You can do this sitting in a chair bending over on your knees like this or on a low chair or step. Completely relax your belly and then squeeze your anus and vagina one time all the way. Try not to squeeze your butt, just anus and vagina. After this, let go completely as if you're dropping your vagina completely downward like an elevator going down to the basement level. You don't need to squeeze again, just focus on keeping your muscles "dropped", open, and relaxed. You can do this for just 2 minutes. Breathe slowly. Let your vagina lengthen and open as much as it can without pushing, just releasing all the tension you have in your pelvic floor muscles. With vaginismus or more recently referred to as "Genito Pelvic Pain Penetration Disorder", letting go and being aware of your pelvic floor tension can be difficult. By learning how to drop your muscles, it can make insertion and penetrative sex easier!

#2-The Dynamic Child's Pose or Modified Balasana- Start in the position on the left. With your behind sticking out behind you, belly fully relaxed, and anus + vagina completely relaxed, simply let go of the muscles that surround your vagina as you continue to breathe down into your pelvis on each inhale. Then, after about 3 slow and deep breaths, bring your hips directly over your feet. You don't have to drop your butt down towards the ground just yet. In this position, like I'm pictured on the right, let go over your pelvic floor muscles completely as if you want to pass gas. This feeling is the same feeling you want to practice with finger insertion, tampon insertion, and penetrative sex. As you breathe in, let your belly expand as you unclench your pelvic floor muscles. Then see if you can feel your vagina expand and bloom open on each inhale. If you can, great! Go ahead and drop your butt down towards your feet and continue. If you can't yet feel your vagina and pelvic floor muscles relaxing, continue to practice this exercise and it should get better!

#3 Frog pose with vaginal relaxation- This exercise will help stretch the inner thighs, the pelvic floor, and your hips! Spread your knees further than shoulder width apart and then come down on your forearms as pictured here! Let go of your belly and feel the vaginal canal open and the labia relax as well. Breathe and imagine your vagina relaxing and your pelvic floor muscles opening and letting go. Appreciate the sensation of letting go, relaxing your vagina, and feeling open. Registering this feeling and sensation will make it easier for you to let go during vaginal insertion and sex! Do this for about 2 minutes several times per week.

#4 Modified Happy Baby- This one is soooo good for helping you relax a tight pelvic floor and even prepare you mentally for penetrative sex! It's so similar to the missionary position and it's stretches the pelvic floor muscles! When you do this exercise, be sure to relax your anus and vagina. Avoid clenching or tightening the butt or belly. When you breathe, let your belly expand on your inhale and imagine your vagina getting longer naturally as you breathe in. Do this for about 2 minutes several times per week. 

#5) Inner thigh rock back- This exercise here is great for stretching your inner thigh muscles! Your adductors and pelvic floor muscles contract together so if you're holding tension in the inner parts of your thigh this could be contributing to overactive pelvic floor muscles! So relaxing your adductors and getting more flexibility there can directly open up your pelvic floor and help you with overcoming your vaginismus! Do about 25 repetitions on each side, several times per week to feel a difference in your pelvic floor! 

Movement is medicine and motion is lotion for your pelvic floor! These exercises will help open you up to more pleasure and pain free penetration! To learn more exercises and get access to my top 19 exercises for relaxing a tight pelvic floor, then click here to snag my Vagina CEO Release E guide! These are many of the exercises we go over in our 1 on 1 coaching sessions with clients who are ready to peace out to vaginismus!