The Love Language of your Vagina


There’s no better way to begin summer and this long awaited debut for the #Vagiphone blog, than revealing the one secret to what your vagina needs the most in order to remain happy and healthy. Without this understanding of how your vagina feels loved, it can’t sustain you and your pelvis in this inter-dependent relationship. If you depend on your vagina for your periods, child-birth, pee and poop control, and sexual pleasure….then you better believe your vagina is depending on you to do to the things that keep it feeling nurtured and supported too! It’s a two way street honey! It works hard for you all day and therefore craves your attention after giving and giving to you for so long. You have a real and raw relationship with your vagina, whether you’ve internalized it or not! See, we as humans tend to get selfish in relationships though. We seek romance many times, because of what WE need. We want more affection, more support, more pleasure, more companionship, and more social interaction for our day to day lives. But we rarely go into love relationships, saying “I can’t wait to help this person accomplish their goals or I can’t wait to be in a relationship so I can give another person what they truly need.” But that selfishness, while common…can not be taken into the relationship you have with your vagina if you want it to be happy and healhy for the long haul. Your vagina needs you to be thinking of what needs you can provide for on a daily basis. Not just on feminist holidays or when you think your problems are bad enough to finally be addressed. It demands attention all the time! That’s right…your vagina has a love language. The 5 love languages as founded and taught by pastor and relationship expert Gary Chapman, are: acts of service, quality time, physical touch, gifts, and words of affirmation. The concept behind these languages is that every person has a primary route to which they feel and recieve love. Some Vagina CEO’s really appreciate being touched so holding hands and a back massage really lights them up! Another woman may really enjoy getting gifts so getting a gift wrapped box of her favorite perfume on Valentine’s Day puts the biggest smile on her face. But…if you don’t tap into the way someone interprets love, then you can potentially be genuinely attempting to show them you care but they won’t receive it because it’s packaged in a language they are not wired to understand. So ….are you ready to speak the language of your vagina so it can love you better in return? If so, then you’ll want to begin performing “Acts of Service” on the regular! The truth is that when you decide to call the doctor and go to that appointment after having painful sex or any issue you’ve noticed…it can be a game changer and that simple act of service can lead to the discovery of what’s causing the pain and then result in pleasure. That’s loving service performed for your vaginal happiness. Or maybe you decided to eat more foods with Vitamin E, you may then disciver that you have increased lubrication and vaginal moisture! The key to unlocking a passionate and satisfying relationship with your vagina is performing appropriate, timely, and relevant acts of service, only after you’ve learned what it needs. So, as you continue to read blogs here on the “Vagiphone”, follow along on instagram at @vaginarehabdoctor, take classes at our Vagina Rehab Academy, and simply listen to the subtle remarks your vagina makes…it will become very clear as to what acts of service your vagina needs you to perform. Sometimes those needs change depending on the situation and experience. But know this: when you truly feel a deep love with someone of high value…performing favors and duties for them is not burdensome. It’s a joy! And as you grow in gratitude, kindness, and love for your vagina…you’ll find that doing what makes it happy tends to make you just as happy too. So listen to it yes, but most definitely love it in the language that it needs, pleads, and receives. 

When: June 23, 2021
Where: Chicago, IL