My Vaginismus 2 Vagilicious 12’ Program

DO YOU HAVE VAGINISMUS? A disorder preventing vaginal insertion- making sex, pelvic exams, and tampon insertion impossible?

Have you attempted sex, desperately wanted it, but couldn’t get anything inside because it felt like a brick wall stopping anything from going in?
Are your relationships & intimacy with your partner under strain because of this condition? 
Have you spent years trying to overcome vaginismus only to be in the same spot with little improvement? 
Are you frustrated with your body, intimidated by dilators or feel defeated by this exhausting condition?
Well then my Vaginismus 2 Vagilicious 12’ Program is for you! 

For 12 weeks, I’ll lead a group coaching program for just 20 Vagina CEO’s who are ready to go all in to achieve a healthy and satisfying vaginal wellness lifestyle!


The 12 week program is 90 minutes each Sunday, starting on Sunday, February 4th, 2023, just a few days before Valentine’s Day! We’ll decide on the best time after each person registers, but it will be begin at either 10am, 11am, 12noon central each Sunday. All sessions are recorded, members will be asked to have their camera off during active lab, and a live Q&A will close out each class session to answer your questions! You’ll then get a weekly vaginal wellness exercises for me that will need to be completed before the next class session. The total payment is $1998.00. You don’t have to pay all at once. Payment plans are available! After November 7th, refunds will not be granted.


✔️A 40 minute 1 on 1 private intake call with me and mid-term call to learn your baseline and gather my individualized advice for how to move foward
✔️expert advice, my clinical experience treating vaginismus, and a community of like minded Vagina CEO's to help you feel less alone 

✔️A course syllabus with what to expect for each visit and home exercises/experiences for each week 

✔️a free copy of my Vagina CEO Release E-guide
✔️printouts of exercises and manual techniques targeted specifically to vaginismus  
✔️guidance on decreasing fear associated with your vagina and vaginal insertion  

✔️why vaginismus happens and what neuromuscular factors are contributing this problem
✔️how to use your hands and fingers to self release external and internal pelvic floor muscle tension
✔️how to make dilating fun, sensual, and non-intimidating
✔️5 different ways to use a dilator
✔️guided solo and partnered activities for preparing your body and vagina for insertion
✔️Strategies and insight from a Mental Health Professional regarding how the brain can aid you in recovering from vaginismus
✔️guidance on pelvic floor exercises targeted for vaginismus and pelvic floor spasms
✔️ strategies for using a pelvic wand for relaxing your vaginal muscles 
✔️Pre-sex routine for helping you to release tension, muscle guarding, and stress before  
✔️a graduation service to celebrate your progress, resilience, and improvement!
✔️increased confidence, boosted sexual and vaginal self esteem, and a more passionate and loving relationship between you and your vagina