Vagina Rehab Doctor is a global vaginal fitness and educational platform that provides 1 on 1 coaching, educational courses, and accessible literature on how to overcome sexual pain and sexual fear so you can step into more pleasurable and confident lasting relationships. Dr. Janelle Howell is the Owner & Founder of V Rehab Services LLC and also affectionately known on Instagram and Tik Tok as Vagina Rehab Doctor. She's a pelvic floor physical therapist who specializes in helping individuals and couples overcome vaginismus, vulvodynia, and painful sex via remote 1 on 1 vaginal fitness coaching and online education. She started using social media in 2020 to educate on shame free, entertaining, and high quality sex education. Since then,-she has garnered hundreds of thousands of followers and a community of people who needed open and honest solutions for painful sex. Due to the high demands of people looking to restore their sex lives and cancel painful sex, we've now expanded to offer 1 on 1 coaching from Dr. Tina Mapa, who is also a pelvic floor physical therapist, lymphedema specialist, and additionally specializes in sexual pain. Together, they are working to lower the rates of sexual pain, sexual fear, and sexual distress among couples who want to experience passionate and pleasurable lasting sexual relationships!

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I've been helping people overcome lifelong and chronic vaginismus for years! Over the last year, I've transitioned into helping people overcome vaginismus from the comfort of their own home by offering remote 1 on 1 vaginal fitness coaching here.