Courses for Pelvic Health Clinicians & Educators

Workshops geared for: Pelvic Physical Therapist, Physical Therapist, Physical Therapy Assistants, Occupational Therapist, OBGYN’s, Urogyns, Urologist, Midwives, Sex Therapist, Sexologist, Sex Educators, Nurse Practitioners, Nurses, Yoga Instructors, Pilates Instructors, Fitness Trainers, Doulas, and students in the medical field.
All workshops will be taught by Dr. Janelle Howell, a Pelvic Physical Therapist and Board Certified Woman’s Certified Specialist.

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Upcoming pelvic courses launching Spring 2023 for pelvic health clinicians and educators will be:

 •Pelvic Floor Interviewing for the Pelvic Health Provider and Educator: learn exactly how to screen your clients and patients for signs of pelvic floor dysfunction with precise interviewing skills, learn what resources to direct them to, how to know when they need to see a pelvic physical therapist or pelvic floor specialist, and key phrases/experiences your clients or patients will say when they are living with asymptomatic or symptomatic pelvic floor dysfunction. 
•Cost: $197, April 12, 2023, 7-8:30pm central
The Comprehensive Pelvic Floor: muscles, ligaments, nerves, and fascia: learn the anatomy and physiology of the three layers of the pelvic floor, the fascia and ligaments that are frequently overlooked regarding pelvic floor function, common types of pelvic floor dysfunction that correspond to damage/weakness of particular structures within the pelvic floor and how all the tissues in the pelvic floor, (beyond just the muscular components) work together together as a unit to support pelvic health and wellness. 
Cost: $249, May 10, 2023, 7-9:00pm central
Clitoral Anatomy & Physiology for Sexual Wellness and Health: learn all the different parts and structures within the clitoris, their nerve and blood supply, their function, which pelvic floor muscles and tissues enhance their function, how they contribute to female sexuality, arousal, orgasm, and satisfaction, plus the common patterns of sexual dysfunction that can happen as a result of clitoral dysfunction. 
Cost: $197, June 14, 2023, 7:00-8:30pm central

Courses are not yet CEU accredited. However, all participants will receive a certificate documenting your completion of this course and you can begin implementing knowledge immediately with your clients and patients. Information taught within the course is intended to aid you in practicing more knowledgeably only within your scope of practice. Furthermore, information taught within these workshops serve as an educational resource for pelvic health providers and educators.