Work with us! Get 1 on 1 virtual coaching for pelvic floor dysfunction


Please read this entire page before joining our waitlist. After the joining our waitlist, you will hear from us to schedule your first session with us before getting you scheduled.

We are able to help you if you experience: 

  1. vaginismus
  2. vulvodynia
  3. interstitial cystitis
  4. sexual pain
  5. urinary incontinence
  6. frequent urination
  7. prolapse
  8. constipation


1. Understand that you are doing the discovery call with Dr. Howell to make sure we can help you but you may get booked on Dr. Tina Mapa's schedule. Both Dr. Howell and Dr. Mapa are pelvic floor therapist, doctors, and specialize in sexual pain and pelvic floor dysfunction. Dr. Tina Mapa is a board certified specialist in pelvic floor physical therapy and a graduate of the Washington University Women's Health Residency in St.Louis, Missouri. Dr. Janelle Howell is a board certified specialist in pelvic floor physical therapy and a graduate of the Loyola University Women's Health Residency. 

2. Are able to invest the time and energy to work with us a consistent basis and do homework outside of our time together.

3. Financially able to work with us (payment plans available for those with an American bank/credit card so you don't have to pay at once). Otherwise, you can pay via debit, credit, apple pay or google pay.

4. Understand that once we schedule your discovery call, that it is a complimentary screening session and not a session to offer advice. guidance, or tips on which E books to get. We simply want to meet you before getting started and ensure we are a good fit. 

The cash pay/out of pocket pricing and structure is as follows. Payment plans available for U.S. based credit cards.

  • Packet #1> Get 1 on 1 coaching for 2 months, 30 minute sessions. This package is designed to help you not just get started but to feel a transformative change in your pelvic health and sexual wellness = $2,000
  • Packet #2> Get 1 on 1 coaching for 2 months, hourly sessions. This package is designed to see you fully crush your goals in our time together. Includes both pelvic floor coaching and sexual wellness coaching for transforming your sexual intimacy and confidence = $3,850
  • Packet #3> Get 1 on 1 pelvic floor coaching & sexual wellness coaching for 3 months, hourly sessions + weekly check ins for confidence coaching, accountability, plus 3 E guides/stretch labs/masterclasses of choice. This package is designed to give you additional access and communication with us as you pursue your healing= $5750