V FLEXIBILITY & FOOD BUNDLE- Want to know how to do exercises to relax your painful & tense vagina but also need the deets on foods which give you the nutrients to help your vagina stay luscious, lean, and lubricated? Grab the bundle above!


VAGINA CEO RELEASE E-GUIDE-Feel more pleasure and cancel more pain! Teaching you my top 16 exercises for releasing a tight & hypertonic pelvic floor. I also give strategies on breath work and insight into why your cocch keeps tensing right back up! Learn how to RELEASE with my E guide above and even use it on the go or when traveling! 

VAGINA FOOD E-GUIDE- Feel more passionate about the relationship between you and food by know exactly what it can do for you womb, sexual wellness, and vagina! I tell you the top 50 foods you should prioritize for a luscious and lean vagina and which foods help with common coochie probs (infections, dryness, infertility, painful periods, cervical disease, etc) Grab this guide above and then head to the grocery store babe! 

VAG LAB RECORDINGS- Active VAG Labs led by me for stretching and strengthening your pelvic floor. Get the replay and experience the Vag Lab at your convenience! Find options above.


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